Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NoData - Manage Data Connection on your Windows Mobile Phones

I never really did sign-up for any data plan. Mainly because, I hardly use it except for occasionally. For those moments, I usually just get one of those hourly or Daily passes. But the problem is, being a WinMo [ Windows Mobile ] device, it's full of widgets [ Weather , News etc ] and applications which connects to data networks so very often and sometimes even without your knowledge.

It was a problem for me as well due to high cost for data rates in Malaysia until I came across this little tool developed by one of the admins @ Modaco [http://www.modaco.com/content/pocket-pc-software/246171/new-free-utility-nodata/]. It does what the title says, limits data access of the mobile device. It really come in handy especially if you are "roaming".

So, if you are not planning to get one of those expensive data plan but in love with WinMo devices, you should have this tool. On top of all, It's for free! :)

Note : If you really like the tool, please consider making a donation to the owner.

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