Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Apps : WinUtilities

After sometime, your windows box will start to show signs of aging. After long hours of surfing, installation/removal of applications and so on, you started to feel your PC is slowing down. It boots up longer than it used to and the memory always seems to be hogged by funny processes.

The good news is, instead of going thru painful process of re-installing your OS, you can try to fix your box by cleaning up the junks, clear up registry , remove unwanted apps, defrag etc. You can use different tools to do these tasks or you can just go ahead and get this "All-in-One" WinUtilities. It's a complete solution for PC optimization & System cleaner. The most importantly, It's FREE! :)

It does almost everything you need to keep your PC healthy. It can clean up your usage history [ IE , documents etc ], Registry and temp files which usually takes up unnecessery space off your drives. You can also defrag your filesystem for better performance. You can even try to recover files that you have accidently deleted etc.

So, give it a try and postpone your next format. :)

Application Name : WinUtilities
License : FREE!
Download Website : Here

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