Monday, March 1, 2010

Tower Defense - Windows Mobile Game

Defense my Tower! That’s what I’m doing whenever I can find some free time. J Tower defense is a popular arcade/console type of game which was pretty popular back in the days. This game is being distributed by Color Stone Ltd [ ]. As the name suggest, you need to defense your tower or base from incoming enemy soldiers , tanks , fighter jets and bombers. You can do that with help of 6 different type of towers such as artillery guns, flame throwers , lighting striker etc. You can place these things in a very strategic ways to navigate your enemies from your base to yours. While you gaining money by “destroying” your enemies, you can use the cash to upgrade your weapons. More upgrade you gets ; the faster your can bring down your enemy tankers.

One thing I can say, once you get a grip on this, it’s pretty much very addictive. Though it looks like it was developed for HTCs, but it works extremely well on my Omnia i8000 thanks to it’s wide screen. However, the game did crashed couple of times once I reached >100th level. Nevertheless, it is surely deserves 5 stars!!

Note : it requires Ms compact net framework 3.5 to work. 

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