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Tamil Comedy Clips

Tamil Comedy Clips

A.R Rahman Signature Collection

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7aum Arivu - Watch Online

The film starts with Bodhidharma (Suriya), a Pallava prince, who is an expert at all big things. Be it medicine or martial arts or genetics, he is the best. One day, he is sent to China by the gurumatha. Initially the people in China treated him as an inferior. Later when he cured an unknown disease and fought against some people who ill treated villagers there, the people of China began to respect him very much. He taught them how to cure many diseases, taught them martial arts, and the skill of hypnotising people. However after few years,when he expressed his desire to leave, the people poisoned and buried him near the temple, believing that their place would be disease free if he's buried there . Later in the modern day China, Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen) is given the task of starting the biowar against India which is called the operation red. Dong Lee starts this operation by injecting a virus into a street dog. This disease was the one which occurred during the time of Bodhidharma in China. Meanwhile Shuba Srinivasan (Shruti Haasan) researched that Bodhidharma can be brought back if his sample of DNA is matched with another sample of DNA whom she finds it out as Aravind (Suriya) a descendant of Bodhidharma. Shuba tries to give life to Bodhi Dharman to end the menace of Dong Lee. But Dong Lee, who is capable of doing anything, does all impossible bad things, mastered in 'Nokku Varmam'(Hypnotism), a martial art which was actually taught to the Chinese by Bodhi Dharma.

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Ezhaam Arivu (2011) - CAM - 350MB - Jollu_clip1 by suramovie7

Presents - The Cleveland Show - S01E01


At The Drunken Clam, Peter, Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland sit at a table. Cleveland tells the guys that he has lost his house to Loretta due to their divorce settlement. He also tells the guys that he now has custody of Cleveland Jr. (it revealed that Cleveland Jr. is now 14 years old and has become incredibly overweight). After having his house damaged by Peter once again, Cleveland decides to leave Quahog and head to California to pursue his dream of being a minor league scout for a professional baseball organization. Before he leaves, Cleveland aks if Lois and Bonnie will kiss each other. They do a simple one at first, but then start to make out. Peter, Joe, Quagmire and Brian all gaze in shock while Cleveland is happy, and he says it is the first time he has ever asked for something he really wanted. Later, after saying goodbye to all his firends, Cleveland and Cleveland, Jr, leave Quahog.

While passing through his old town of Stoolbend, Virginia, he sees his old school and heads inside. There, he bumps into his old flameDonna Tubbs. She invites him to stay at her house for a couple of days, where Donna relays to Cleveland how she needs a father figure around for her kids after splitting with her husband, Robert. While at Donna's house, he is introduced to Rallo and Roberta, Donna's kids, and the neighbors, including the local redneck and the family of bears, which include father Tim, his wife, and son Raymond.

Donna experiences problems with her two kids, and Cleveland agrees to help; this results in him becoming the very person Donna needs around. The inevitable happens, and Cleveland sticks around – after a complication involving the return of her delinquent of an ex-husband, Robert. After a romantic montage, followed by the dismissal of Robert, Cleveland and Donna get married.

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