Monday, May 9, 2011

Tamil Comedy Sound Clips

People says Laughter is a good medicine. It is very true. There are times when I have lots on my mind or hard times back in office, comedy movies / clips helps me to ease out. But, its not every time we get time to sit and watch a comedy on television.

And that's when I come across this site where I can download sound clips of comedy drama by the famous SV Shekar and crazy mohan. These guys are usually seen in movies but in fact they are much more popular in local stage drama scenes.

Anyway, so, I used to download these clips and play on my mobile or car player every time my mood hits the ceiling. Trust me, it works! :)

Keep it cool.. Keep it real.

Note : This is a link that I found while doing a wild search on Google. I take no ownership on the site or material.

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