Monday, May 9, 2011

Buying a Car Tyre Online or Just checking the price

The last time I wanted to change my car tyre, there I was at a tyre shop near my place. I called upon the sales person and asked for the price.
He did told me how much it will cost me but the problem is, I have no idea if its cheap or not. Since the shop never display the price [ like most car accessory shops in Malaysia ], its hard to believe the sales person's price.
There a lot of factors on the tyre price. Such as , the brand, profile , year of make etc. Of course, you can do what I did back then. That is go to few different shops and ask for the price of the same tyre. But, not everybody can do that. In fact, this issue clicked my mind when my lady friend from office went and changed all ger tyres over the weekend and the tyre shop sort of ripped her off. Its hard to blame her because she is not a person that goes around tyre shops and ask for price.
Anyway, after a quick search on Google, found this site which sells tyre online in Malaysia. They offer wide range of brands and sizes. You just need to find one that fits your car and order. Once it processed, you just drive down to the selected shop and get it replaced. The cool thing is, you pay for it online and don't have to pay anything when you visit the shop. So, minimal chances of rip-off!!!
Unfortunately, I couldn't help my friend with her purchase. But hopefully it helps somebody out there.
And oh ya, even if you dont want to purchase your tyre from this site, you can at least get the approximate cost of your choice of tyre. It will surely helps you when you negotiate the price with your neighborhood tyre shop.
Good Luck!!

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