Sunday, December 11, 2011

Watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes Tamil Dubbed Movie Online

Watch this all time favorite movie now in Tamil! :)

Cast :
  • James Franco as Dr. Will Rodman, a scientist who is trying to cure his father's Alzheimer's Disease by testing it on chimps. He is a father figure to Caesar. James Franco was cast after talks with Tobey Maguire broke down.[6][7]
  • Andy Serkis as Caesar, a highly intelligent chimpanzee who has inherited the ALZ-112 from his mother while they were testing her, and is eventually brought up by Will.
  • John Lithgow as Charles Rodman, Will's Alzheimer's infected father who has improved after Will gave him the ALZ-112 and has grown a strong bond with Caesar.
  • Freida Pinto as Caroline Aranha, a primatologist who starts a relationship with Will and has grown attached to Caesar for five years.
  • David Oyelowo as Steven Jacobs, Will's greedy boss.
  • Brian Cox as John Landon, Dodge's father, a cool-headed businessman.
  • Tom Felton as Dodge Landon, John's sadistic son who works as the head guard at the facility and treats the apes cruelly.
  • Chelah Horsdal as Irena, a nurse who is looking after Charles.
  • Tyler Labine as Robert Franklin, a chimp handler at Gen-sys, and also gets infected with the ALZ-113.
  • David Hewlett as Hunsiker, Will's hot headed neighbor, who is later infected with the ALZ-113, and then starts a global pandemic.
  • Jamie Harris as Rodney, a guard who is kinder to the apes at the sanctuary.
  • Karin Konoval as Maurice and Personnel at Police Station. Maurice is a Bornean orangutan who had retired from the circus and knows sign language and becomes Caesar's best friend.
  • Richard Ridings as Buck, an aggressive western lowland gorilla who pledges his allegiance to Caesar after he is freed by him.
  • Christopher Gordon as Koba, a scar-faced bonobo who has a grudge against humans.
  • Terry Notary as Rocket and Bright Eyes. Rocket is a dominant chimp at the ape sanctuary, until Caesar overthrows him, then he becomes a loyal follower of Caesar. Bright Eyes is Caesar's mother who was captured in Africa and was experimented on and later killed protecting her child.

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