Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tips to stay on Job!!

Sometimes, the pressure becomes so unbearable in office until you tend to take it very personally and overact. Most people always forget that our JOB is supposed to be a part of our daily life. NOT the other way around. Anyway, how to keep cool while at work? Some tips follows

1) Always learn to say "NO". - Doing a favor is good sometimes. But at the same time, you have to do it only during your free time and not at the expense of your work. There will always be some people in your office who are like to go around and look for potential people to "assist" them in their work. So, learn to say NO once in a while but always do it in a very diplomatic way.

2) Dont Over Promise - I have seen many people does this. Dont promise something that you are pretty sure that you cant do. Dont say OK to your boss to prepare project papers during the weekends when you already promised your wife a weekend outing. If you can't do it right, explain it well before the due or start of a task so that it can be re-arranged or re-assigned. It's better than you giving up at the last moment or worst after the due time.

3) Eat your Food - No matter what, dont ever skip your meals. Many people does it. You by skipping your meal ; are not doing any good for anybody. Firstly, your body and brain will be low on energy thus poor productivity and 2nd, it's your break time. Use it. The reason why we have break time is so that you can give a "break" to your brain , body and eyes to rest before continue it's work.

4) Take a break! - It's good that if you can take a short break once a while. Just a 5 mins short break in between your long emails or meetings. Trust me, it helps to "refresh" your view on problems and matters. Just take a slow walk to pantry or look out at your office window etc.

5) Dont do multitasking - You are not a PC. Dont ever try to do more than 1 tasks at the same time. Prioritize your work and start with the most urgent / critical tasks and move down. Best way is to list down your tasks at the beginning of the day so that you know what is expected from you for that day. With this, you will not promise anything new or take up any new assignments also.
And lastly, learn to enjoy your job. Your work is the biggest part of your daily life. Dont let it be a nightmare. If it is, maybe perhaps it's time for you to move on.


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