Wednesday, April 7, 2010

People in power

Being around people in power and seeing them misusing it for a wrong reason reminds me of Uncle Ben’s famous advice to Spidey [aka Spiderman], With Great Power, comes great responsibility. And how so true is it.


We often forget that people being a simple human makes mistake. Even spidey did some big time mess-ups during his adventures. There is practically no way to ensure 100% error free system if human is a vital part of it. No matter how simple or how frequent he is doing it, sooner or later he will make a mistake. He can’t help it. That’s the fundamental building block of a human being. That’s how civilization as we know today exist. People make mistake; people learn from it and try not to do it again.


So next time, please think twice before you make the decision especially if your decision has great impact on another human being. Think what spidey would do if he is you! J

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