Thursday, September 10, 2009

Know You Tire! [ Cont..]

After reading my previous post on Tire, few friends asked me if “Low Profile” tires are good for their cars. Well, there is no direct answer for it. Low profile tire may or may not be useful for you.

Low profile tire means when the height of the tire is less than 55% of the width. In another words, your tire side wall will look shorter. Normally, the low profile tire will have wider width compare to the normal tires. If you guys can recall back your high school physics, with low profile tire your car will have center low gravity point. Which means, you car will be more stable or “attached” to the road. It will surely help you when you take that sharp corners.

However, rims on low profile tire can get easily bend because of thin walls. Plus, as we all know how good our Malaysian roads are. Potholes can really damage your rims.

So.. You decide. :)

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