Friday, August 28, 2009


Ron95 supposed to replace RON92 starting 1st September 2009. But it’s already available around Klang Valley Petrol Stations. For Shell example, RON95 using the green handle which was previously for RON97 and for RON97 is using red handle which was for V-power. From what I can see, V-power is no longer in sale.

I tried the RON95 on my Iswara [ ’04 ] the other day. Gave me few litters extra for RM 50 since it’s only RM 1.75 per liter. Too little info was shared to public on RON95, especially by Proton & Perodua. If you have noticed at around your Oil Cap, it says only use Unleaded 97. Anyway, after checking lots of sites and forums, found out that you can use RON95 on almost all Mid & Low range engine cars such as Proton & Perodua. Exceptions to some specific models like Perdana where some people experienced Knocking sound after using RON95.

Anyway, been on RON95 for 3 days and found no problems. But, I can feel the difference in performance even if not so much. And for your info, price of RON97 will cost RM 0.20 cents more starting 1st Sep.

By the way, before you try the oil, please check with your Car Manufacturer or User Manual. Just to be safe. :)

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