Monday, June 8, 2009

Transformers @ Petronas

More on Transformers fever. Petronas introducing merchandise such as action figures, T-shirts, cap etc starting 1st June. However, most of the action figures will only available after the movie release. From their adverts, they gonna come up with 4 action figures. That’s is, bumblebee, starscream, optimus prime and ofcourse the bad boy, megatron. The t-shirt doesn’t look very special but who cares, it’s “Transformers”! J

Note: For some reason, people still referring the resurrected decepticon’s leader as “Megatron”. If you know your transformers’ fact, the defeated “Megatron” comes back as “galvatron”. Anyway, too early to speculate the story now. Let’s wait and see.. 18days more!!

For more details on the promo :

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